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VMOS lite doubles your mobile android system, free your control to the new system. Please be aware that VMOS lite is different from VMOS. Lite version doesn't have the root option.
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January 13, 2020
5.0 and up
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VMOS lite is a virtual machine (VM) APP software. Think of it as a virtual theme. VMOS lite can be installed on Linux or Android systems in the form of ordinary APPs through VM technology. It is an Android emulator and a one-click clone. In addition, VMOS lite is not controlled by the host system and is separate from the host system. It can even be used to test for viruses (Android via phone).




Do you want to install another Android system on your phone? Do you want to install 2 identical applications on 1 phone? Does your phone meet the installation requirements for all applications? VMOS lite can help you solve these problems. VMOS lite is a global application dedicated to creating virtual Android on Android (a completely independent system), which is a geek’s favorite. You can have two online social accounts and balance life and work on one device. VMOS lite is equipped with photos in photo mode. Floating windows are displayed on other applications and have the ability to drag and zoom freely. Wait, rock the video on YouTube. (YouTube background) Some games may have a VMOS light wallpaper. Another unique feature is the customizable resolution. The user can define the length, width and DPI as required. The decisions you make are also recorded.




Q: How does VMOS lite work?


Answer: VMOS lite is a new and innovative technology. It can virtualize other native Android operating systems on the phone, such as parallel space or parallel systems. With VMOS lite, you can switch between real and virtual systems at any time. Data and programs are stored locally. What kind of phones can I install? A: The phone has more than 32 GB of memory and 3 GB of RAM. And the phone system is higher than or equal to Android 5.1


Q: Can I clone the app on a real phone?


Answer: Yes. File → Select APP → Import


Q: What is the speed of VMOS lite?


Answer: In fact, it is fast. You don’t have to send data remotely.


Q: Why does VMOS Lite need access to storage, information, location, IMEI and audio?


A: VMOS lite needs these authorizations to better simulate real phone scenarios.


Q: Is VMOS safe for your real phone?


Answer: Of course. Real phone and VMOS lite have 2 independent systems. Data from both systems will not interfere with each other.




If you wish our application, please give us five stars. VMOS lite has requirements-based testers, but always needs more advice.


What's new

1. Optimized startup speed
2. Added backup and restore functions
3. Added new version of file transfer station


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